Maintain Marine Drive #safemarinedrive

Maintain Marine Drive #safemarinedrive

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White Rock City Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Sean Graham

As a resident of White Rock, I oppose the Summer Marine Drive Westbound Lane Closure decided by City Council on May 10, 2021:  

  1. There was no consultation with the residents of White Rock, namely those living on Victoria and Columbia Avenue and Maple Street.  They will be directly impacted by a significant increase in traffic (250+ vehicles/hour during peak).
  2. Increased vehicular traffic on Victoria Avenue and Maple Street is a serious safety concern; inadequate sidewalks for pedestrians and service vehicles (Fire and Police) will be impeded with slower response times.  Ash Street is a major pedestrian walking pathway with no sidewalks leading to the stairs at East Beach.
  3. Rushed notice.  White Rock residents were notified by letter dated June 1st, 2021 (received June 3rd) to prepare for detour starting on June 7th, 2021.   
  4. Clogged arteries will divert traffic to laneways and smaller streets (Victoria and Marine Lane, Balsam, Finlay, Fir and Ash Street and Johnston Road). 
  5. For the 22 restaurants effected, indoor and outdoor dining is now allowed with capacity limits based on physical distancing requirements and other rules in British Columbia negating the Marine Drive Westbound Lane Closure.  
  6. Canadian Federal Government have already provided financial relief to White Rock restaurants through CERB and low interest rates.    

The solution is to maintain the existing two way traffic on Marine Drive.  By signing this petition you support this measure.    

5 have signed. Let’s get to 10!