Unconstitutional Conduct Of SAPS White River During An Assualt Within The Police Station

Unconstitutional Conduct Of SAPS White River During An Assualt Within The Police Station

8 April 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by White River Ratepayers Association

The community of White River and surrounding areas are involved in the compilation of this petition, and wish the following matters to be noted.

  • This community has a total distrust and fear of the White River Police station and flowing from the no-trust situation, they see the White River Police Station is being managed by a band of hooligans.
  • This community is questioning the competency and ethical compliance with the Police Act of the members on duty at the White River Police Station.
  • This community was seriously shocked when they were informed that a very competent Vispol Commander was replaced on very short notice with another Vispol Commander - they are of the opinion that crime would start escalating again as the criminals were also informed of the replacement.
  • The manpower shortage at the station has been further compromised by the adding of Msholozi and this is resulting in officials at the station having difficulty in fulfilling their tasks effectively - crime stats will back this statement.
  • The township of Msholozi should be equipped with its own Polic Station in order to relieve the current pressure on the White River Police Station.
  • Due to the unnecessary incident that took place on 29/03/2021 at the White River Police Station, the business community leaders received feedback from the community that White River is seen as a criminals mecca and that the Police are protecting the criminals instead of the community.  This action has substantially impacted all tourism businesses, nationally and internationally, as no trust is remaining in the Police of White River.  Tourism is one of the great sources of income for our town.
  • Community leaders, due to pressure from our residents, are demanding the following:
  1. All incompetent personnel as well as personnel, on duty during the mentioned incident, be disciplined and dismissed, as a remedy to the bad reputation these persons have brought upon the station.
  2. Due to the incompetence of certain of the members at the station, we require that all unsuccessful drug-related cases be re-opened and properly investigated.
  3. According to rumors doing the rounds in the community, some members at the station are prone to taking bribes for the public not to open cases.  These members are identified, investigated, and disciplined accordingly.
  4. Official Police transport is managed more effectively, to prevent official vehicles from being parked in quiet areas of town for hours with Police officials within, without attending to any Police business.
  5. The attitude of the members of the CSC must be addressed to be more friendly and accommodating towards the community at large, which are their clients.
  6. The "Blue Light Brigade" is a serious matter that needs to be addressed.  Blue lights should only be used by official Police vehicles on urgent Police business, and not escort any politician to any destination.  The way the "Blue Light Brigade" behaves on the roads, is absolutely dangerous and should not be allowed for the sake of road safety.

Signed By: Dewald Oberholster (White River CPF) & Piet Skead (WRRA)


IPID National
Mpumalanga Provincial Commissioner
Commander Provincial Operations
District Commissioner
White River Police Station Commissioner

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Signatures: 739Next Goal: 1,000
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  • White River CPF
  • White River Ratepayers Association