Call for White Ribbon Australia to re-affirm support for women's reproductive freedom

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We write as Australian community members to express our support for all women to have complete control over their reproductive and sexual health.

It is disappointing that White Ribbon Australia have confirmed that their present position on this issue is “agnostic” (

We say firmly that there is no room for agnosticism on the issue of any woman’s safety and control over her body.

White Ribbon Australia is a highly visible domestic violence advocacy organisation, servicing diverse communities across our country. It is possible to respect the diversity of cultural and religious positions of these communities while advocating for a legal framework that allows each individual to safely seek medical assistance to make their own personal reproductive choices.

The right to control over reproductive health is an essential component to women’s health and safety. Reproductive coercion is a serious problem that can directly impact a person’s ability to leave or seek help if they are a victim of domestic violence.

We ask that White Ribbon Australia re-affirm your organisation’s position on women’s reproductive freedom, and reassure the community that your organisation truly advocates for all women’s right to safety and control over our own bodies.

(Photo credit: Glenn Hunt / AAPIMAGE)