Save a Veteran Initative

Save a Veteran Initative

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In 2014, the VA is caught in its biggest scandal in modern times, it took place in the Arizona VA system, where thousands of patients either died or were seriously injured due to fraudulent wait times being tracked and managed.  President Obama and Congress stated never again will we have another Arizona.  Over the next four years billions of dollars were pumped into the VA systems largely to correct these long wait times that were plaguing the Nation at VAs across America. 

In 2018, Congress holds another congressional inquiry on the progress of its billion dollar investment strategy to restructure the VA, this inquiry was complete with subpoenas and request for full disclosures of documents in the possession of the VA.  Just to remind America, misleading, withholding, interfering with Congressional investigations and inquires is a crime and punishable with fines and imprisonment, keep this in mind as I unfold this story.  Amazing as it sounds the results of the investigation and inquiry for VA wait decreased to 20 days. 

In 2020, the General Accounting Office reopened the investigation that took place in 2018 and discovered that the VA lied and withheld information on the 2018 report and that the numbers reported were phony wait time numbers.  That is right America.  The VA lied to Congress and willfully and with malicious withheld a list of longer wait times from the investigative team in order to show more favorable numbers, when in fact the numbers were equal to Arizona numbers of 2014 or possibly worse than 2014.  Mr. Wilkie- the VA Secretary committed perjury and those whom executed his orders also committed perjury and all these criminal suspects need to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

If there was ever a need for change, if there was ever a need for prayer, and if there were ever a need to grab the bull by the horns and begin to bombard congress with letters from every corner of America, from every community of every state, it is today.  It is my prayer that every man and woman would lift up their hands with us everywhere calling on congress to do exceedingly and abundantly all that we as of them to prioritize this action with the VA. 

America we are deeply concerned and devastated by the scandals and corruptions that have fragmented an institution that once was supposed to serve and protect our most deserving citizens.  And it is a certainty a dark and tragic day as we uncovered a cover-up so significant that it cost lives and undermines the President of the United States and the Laws passed by Congress. I don’t see how you can be a citizen of this country, knowing veterans are wandering the street waiting for health care, and not be touched, not be broken, and not be sensitive or concerned.

Veterans are dying because of long wait lines, dying because of VA police brutalities, dying in by suicide in VA parking lots and facilities, dying by being misdiagnosed, and veterans being denied care because they were told they were not veterans even though their paperwork stated otherwise. America veterans are dying at a rate of 22 per day and in 2020 that number has risen by 30%.  Of the 18 million veterans that are eligible for care, the VA has only been treating on the average 27% of those eligible veterans.

So, when senior leadership ( Mr. Robert Wilkie) of the VA was derelict in his duty, and refused to take action on glaring deficiencies and complicit in attempts to discredit and cast doubts on the facts, he betrays the public trust.  As a result  he should disqualify himself from all future public service. In simpler terms... he needs to be terminated.

We have a plan for how we can turn all of the helplessness, hopelessness and outrage that our veterans and patriots are feeling into a positive. Taking health care out of the hands of the government and giving to the private sector will save lives!

We need justice to right things, but we need a radical different model where justice can be served to our veteran community one that restores our integrity to those deserving men and women who defended our country in our time of need. 

Before we sketch out an alternative, let us agree that those who have committed these scandals and cover-ups in the VA need to be stopped and held criminally accountable.  Because, harming others, especially innocent others is never acceptable in our society.  Secondly, let us agree the VA health care system is unrepairable and it is inflicting more harm and inducing more suffering than it is doing good.

Our Recommendation to Congress:

 1. Expand the CHOICE program whereas and veteran waiting for health care more than 10 days be allowed to transition to private care.


 2. President issue and Executive Order expanding TRICARE Program for service members separating from the military for three years.


 3. Pass into Law that Privatize all Veterans Health Care to the Private Sector in the 2023 NDAA.

The awakening is here.  The time for affirmative action is now.  The corruption, scandals, and malicious has destroyed the credibility of the VA health care system beyond repair.  This latest scandal marks a point whereas, Mr. Wilkie along with his Cronies directly withheld information from the President and Congress, impending a federal investigation is a crime, this gross infringement needs to referred to the Department of Justice for investigation and prosecution.   Today, we are asking Mr. Wilkie to resign if not then we are asking the President of the United States to terminated him immediately.  

Please sign our petition and share to all your groups. We must stop this crisis in America and it will take all of us to do it. Our goal is one hundred thousand signatures in 30 days. Save the life of a Veteran. Saying thank you can be more than just words. Let's take affirmative action now!


Col. Mike Brown, Debra Jayne East, Rick Brown, Sean Flynn and Jan Friedman.


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!