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Ban assault weapons. Reform mental health laws

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Driving home from work as I heard about the tragedy in Connecticut I could not stop the tears. We have had too many of these shootings. Today's was the worst of all. Innocent children are a gift from God, they are like flowers in a garden, they are smiles in someone's house. They were so wrongfully and brutally snatched from this world. We have become so numb as a society to these shootings. Every time one happens we shrug it off. But no more. No more because I love this country. No more because we are not going to let this happen to us. I immigrated here since this is the best country in the world and we owe it to ourselves to protect this great nation not only from Al Quaeda but also from the disease that is eating away at the very fabric of our society. This is America’s worst enemy, this is the ‘TERRORIST’ that needs to be defeated first. Our politicians have been too weak to solve this problem. This petition is not against the second amendment. Its against the right to bear assault weapons, semi-automatic weapons and weapons of military grade that do not belong on American streets. The second amendment should be altered to say that people will only be allowed small arms that can carry maximum of six bullets at a time. It will be required to reload after every six bullets, no automatic reloading. Weapons should be banned to be sold to anyone who is suspected of mental illness or has sought any kind of psychiatric treatment or has any kind of record of anger management issues. We want government to strengthen our mental health laws and establish stronger mental health institutions. Once again to enumerate -

Ban assault weapons and military grade weapons from American streets.
Civilian population can only carry a firearm that has a maximum capacity of six bullets. No more then one gun can be sold to a person.

A household is allowed no more then one firearm.

Mental health laws need to be strengthened.

Ban sales of any kinds of weapons to people with mental health issues or anger management issues.

Please sign this petition so that we can save our children and ourselves.

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