teenage voice 2019 for climate change

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On March 15, 2019, children and students from around the world let their voice be heard in an effort to take action against the issue of climate change.(#SchoolStrike  #ClimateStrike)

“Met de boodschap dat hard studeren ons ver zal brengen.
Maar ik geloof dat niet meer.”
- Anuna De Wever (AGE:17), Belgium

“The real power belongs to the people.” - Greta Thunberg (AGE:15), Sweden

“You need to act now.” - Scarlett Covell (AGE:15), Australia

According to the United Nations, the whole world must reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050 in order to stop climate change. Otherwise, it will not be you but your children and grandchildren who will suffer the consequences, including natural disasters and abnormal climates.

※The United Nations warns that the temperature will rise by 1.5 degree by 2030 and nearly 5 degrees within this century, triggering natural disasters, causing abnormal climates and destroying ecosystems if this situation continues.

This is a petition site to support the Paris Agreement, the framework to reduce CO2 emissions.  We are collecting signatures to ask for reconsideration of the withdrawal of the United States, the world’s largest country which represents withdrawal from the Paris Agreement; not only for “YOU,” but also for your children.