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Donate to charity in equal amounts as they spend on campaigns

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Think about all the money that is spent on campaigns - - where is that money going? Straight to advertising companies to get the ads out there. But there are so many noble causes that could use donations more than the ad companies. I request that individuals running for President, Congress, Senate, etc...start to donate $1 for every $1 that they are spending on their campaign. Why? Because this will not only reduce the amount spent on ridiculous ads to "get back" at your opponents, but will make you concentrate on the real issues. Candidates will have to think harder about what is important to spend money on - - do you really need ANOTHER ad that says what the last one says? Do you really want to spend that money making the other guy look bad or focusing on yourself?

Of course up for debate will probably be the issue of what charity will be donated to. I propose the following. Simple: The candidate will list on their website all causes that they believe highly in. Their supporters will vote each week on which cause/charity should get a donation. Yes, the supporters will need someone that can concentrate primarily on this information but that seems like a small issue in the long run of what campaigns have done in the past. Each week whichever charity or cause obtained the most votes by supporters and visitors to the candidates' website will recieve a donation in an equal amount to what was spent on campaign ads, slogans, clothing, etc during the week prior. This means that on Friday of this week for example, the person in charge of the donations will have a number in their hand - this number being the costs associated with the campaign from the week before. This magic number is the donation amount. The person in charge of the campaign will write a letter to the charity that has been chosen, and in the letter it will state that their charity has been chosen by supporters of the individuals campaign to be the recipient of a donation this week. It will state clearly the amount of the enclosed donation. This letter to the charity will be scanned and uploaded before mailing, along with a copy of the check (which clearly can be edited in Adobe to ensure that account information is not visable) to the website, facebook pages, etc...this way there is proof that the donation was made. Each voting cycle shall be Sunday to Saturday with the "winning" charity on Saturday recieving the donation on the following week. Each consecutive weeks choices for charity may include previously listed charities but NOT the one that already was donated to. The candidate must not only list the name of the charity but the reason that the charity is important to them.

This system will not only ensure that money is put to use in an election aside from the advertisements, but will allow supporters and people who are interested in learning more about a candidate a better look into the real feelings and beliefs of that candidate.

Hopefully this will help all candidates for government/public office to use more thought before they spend money on their campaign. Make them take a good look at how much they are spending on gas, clothing, make up, lights, tv, phone and other media and materials. Make them take a good look at themselves and be more honest. Help the American people get to know them. Help American charities and causes get a lift. Help make the commercials we see be more thought out - be more about the reasons we should like you and trust you and less about the reasons we should hate the other guy. Make it more fair for everyone. Elimnate people like Linda McMahon from spending BILLIONS on a campaign - - it's not just about if you win or lose it's about walking and talking what you mean - - if you care about jobs, homelessness, kids in poverty, etc....then spend that same amount you spend last week on your campaign on a donation to one of those causes so we can see where your hearts are and not just where your swords are.

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