We Demand a Public Apology from Whitby Mayor Don Mitchell

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On Monday, February 4, during a Whitby Town Council Committee of the Whole meeting, Whitby Mayor Don Mitchell, in discussing a staff recommendation regarding the prospective Town logo and branding, stated that "he mistrusts those who are nice in person but become 'junkyard dogs' on social media." He further identified social media as a nasty place, an echo chamber, where if you don't agree, you get danced out".... 

The branding and subsequent logo have been met with an overwhelmingly negative reaction by residents when shared, not leaked, online. Town Council supported the staff recommendation to proceed with the logo and implementation, costing taxpayers an addition $150,000. While over 2400 people participated in developing the brand attributes,  sixty (60) stakeholders weighed in on this logo. In addition to Councillors Mulcahy, Lee and Roy asking for more work to be done, Councillors Newman and Councillors Shahid also asked for more consideration of the community feedback. To which Mayor Mitchell responded that it would not make a difference. 

This petition demands the following:

A public apology from the mayor for his derogatory comments referring to those who express dissent online as "junkyard dogs." A junkyard dog is defined as an animal or person with an, especially nasty and combative demeanor. This is a direct affront to voters in our community. Essentially, he referred to anyone who disagreed with him online as animals.

The mayor's words display a clear contempt any feedback from the public that does not support his views and a disregard for freedom of speech. It is unbecoming of an elected official, is disrespectful to voters, and sets a questionable example to the new councillors. His actions tell the community at large that even if they express themselves, they will not be heard.  

Residents have a right to truly OWN something that they have paid for and have a right to express their opinions fiercely and passionately. 

We expect more of our elected officials.