Whistler Holds Vail Resorts Accountable

Whistler Holds Vail Resorts Accountable

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Why this petition matters

Since the acquisition of Whistler Blackcomb by Vail Resorts in 2016, locals and employees have been more than vocal about the dimishing service & the idea of putting profits over people. 

A US based petition has garnered more than 45k signatures holding Vail Resorts accountable and a similar petition from a couple years back to 'Make Whistler Great Again' has amassed more than 10,000 signatures. 

My name is Condy (aka Tarzan) & last year I took off the summer to spend 212 days sleeping on a dirt road while protesting the clear-cutting of old-growth logging & dealing directly with police violence. After achieving a 2 year logging deferral in BC, being involved in multiple pepper spray attacks & being chased by helicopters almost daily - I returned back to WB for my 3rd winter in November and I simply couldn't return to hearing complaints everyday while not doing anything about it. 

I will ensure that the trajectory of Whistler Blackcomb's future is built upon growth and putting people (employees AND the locals) first instead of focusing on EPIC Profits. I will explain my vision for what I'd like to see change over the next following weeks so stay tuned for updates!



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11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!