Show us where our money has gone!

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Today, teachers, parents, and students fill and surround the Oklahoma State Capitol building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on day 3 of the Teacher Walkout. Social media is exploding with local and national news coverage, personal posts, and even memes about the walkout. At the same time, momentum is slowly growing among Oklahomans urging the repeal of the recently passed bill granting a modest teacher raise, a small support staff raise, and nearly insignificant sum devoted to operational funding for the schools due to tax increases placed on taxpayers. While many teachers are grateful for the proposed raise, major concerns have arisen regarding the metaphorical "hot check" written to pay for these funds. 

Many of these ideas are addressed in a recent news article titled "Oklahoma's Education Disaster," written by Mark Antonio Wright and published on on April 3, 2018. Some of the many great points made in the article come from Wright's interview with Tom Coburn, a former U.S. senator. Wright writes:

' "How about the citizens of Oklahoma being able to see [how state funds are spent]?" Coburn asks. Indeed, Fallin vetoed a bill that would have published how the state spends its money. "How dare her," Coburn says. "We do that on a federal level - you can go to and find out everything. But in the state, we can't know how we spend the money." ' 

At a time when education funding, public health funding, mental health services, DHS services, and many other citizen-based services are being cut, the public deserves to know where tax dollars are going. It is time for Oklahomans to see an itemized report showing us where our money has gone. 

Please sign this petition in an effort to push our state leadership to be transparent about the mismanagement of our state's money so that we can begin the process of fixing our broken system ourselves.