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Injustice to Ian Queen

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November 8, 2017, Ian's mother appeared in court with her attorney asking for modification of temporary orders. The modification to be requested was that visitation be held until the outcome of the felony child endangerment investigation is complete. Appearing in court and ready to speak were the CPS investigator, Van Police Officer, and the Sexual Abuse Nurse Examiner. Judge Teresa Drum had signed a temporary restraining order 10 days prior .. and herself put an injunction on the case that a cousin to Ian can not be around Ian (2/17) but acted as though she did not recall these. No witnesses were called to the stand and the case was not heard. Hon. Drum asked if the case had been to mediation, which has not. So this 4-year-old will be allowed to have unsafe visitation.

Just a little back story on this case. The father could not pass a drug test .. time and time again. So his mother had to step in and agree to some terms every Thursday and every 3rd weekend. Father's only right is he has supervised visits with one child. And grandmother is the supervisor. Mother and father have tried many, many times to work things out .. but it's like when a hurricane hits land .. it's just devastating.

In October 2016, Ian's mother walked in the room and caught a cousin sexually abusing Ian. They tried to convince she was crazy for making something out of nothing (even made the comment "Behavioral Health called, they have room 312 ready for you"; he was just curious; boys will be boys. Mom felt strongly enough about it that she told the entire family she did not want the two together ever again. The grandmother then purposely brought the cousin by even more. On Christmas Eve, mother and father had a fight about how the celebration was or was not going to take place with the two children .. which ended in a physical altercation. And the mother and children ultimately leaving permanently. And the father with a domestic family violence charge.

Most recently (10/31/17), CPS has ruled "Reason to Believe" there was neglectful supervision of three children that Rhonda Crosby and Matthew Queen were suppose to be watching. The father has admitted to using meth, marijuana, and drinking (approx 4 weeks ago).

Family, Friends, Community, and Supporters .. we ask that you please sign this petition and ask the Hon. Teresa Drum to reconsider her decision from yesterday and not allow I.C.Q. to have visits in an unsafe environment. Please help protect Ian!

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