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New campaign goals for 2017!! SAFE@Home SAFE@School SAFE@Trains SAFE@Online

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To my die hard supporters and friends,

The Pacific Unity Festival on Saturday the 26th of November 2016, was the last time I campaigned and failed to thank some very special people that attended the event in support of the campaign.

Mayor Stephen Bali of Blacktown
Lee Hemi and Rose Lewis of Pacific Unity
Lisa Boyle of Mounted Security Unit,Professional Security Consultants 
Mal Fruean NSWCPC
Professor Kurt Iveson Sydney University
Len Aguas-Cruz St Patrick's Catholic Church Blacktown 
RTBU representative
Frank and Destiny Faleono
I am forever grateful to all the community leaders and individuals that have supported me throughout 2016 and I look forward to your continued support in 2017.

Since November I have enjoyed a well earned break with family and used that time to review and reflect on my experience as a campaigner and a victim of community violence. What have I learned? and What is the real need in the community?.

What have I learned?

The system is set up for us to kill each other, to instill fear and hate and in many cases instigated online. 
Schools do not support victims effectively and are ill equipped to manage indigenous youth violence and bullying and need community support. 
Young Offenders Act 1997 needs reviewing as it totally lacks any kind of deterrent  and accountability. Police do not support victims in any way and youth justice is ineffective.
 Premier Gladys Berejiklian instigated the removal of train security and staffing throughout our network and is now our premier???
I have witnessed a pacific Island leader abuse and bully another pacific Island leader publicly online and then that abusive leader expecting the public to support her program mentoring our school kids? This is why there is separation and division within the Pacific community and our people fail to support each other. How can we affect change and change mindsets of our kids regarding bullying when our adult pacific leaders are just as bad. Shame on you!!
Our Maori and pacific island community fail to acknowledge we have violence issues and feel shame in talking about it and asking for help. Our people have issues with greed, materialism, jealousy. ego, violence, hate, racism, ignorance and then go to church on Sunday's. Wake up people and take care of your kids.
Violence starts in the home, bullies have underlying issues that need addressing, so they need support too. Parents must understand that your kids are a reflection of you. 

What is the need of the community? Campaign Goals?


I refuse to accept that youth violence is just a part of school and the system  only address the aftermath of violence and the behavior. Violence is a cry out for help and we need access to support our kids and keep them out of jail. It's all about prevention, prevent the violence from occurring by having processes in place to support a victim that feels threatened.  

Safe @ home, school, online, will involve collaborating with pacific island leaders involved in the public school system and creating an app to red flag a school with excessive bullying issues. Then sourcing qualified pacific island counselors to volunteer their time and enter a school to support and counsel our kids, offering technical online support, communication with families at home for both bullies and victims and building trust with the school system. 
Safe@Trains will entail the campaign going online and consistently bombarding Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Andrew Constance throughout the year with letters from the public and myself to return public safety to our train system by returning the staff and security guards. So please start today by sending your personal story of why you want this change by using the links below.   

Gladys Berejiklian                         -  Twitter

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Andrew Constance MP                  -  Facebook

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