Whatsapp: we want the old status back

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Since 22nd February 2017, Whatsapp has replaced the text box of the status with photos, videos and gifs you can post and that will be cancelled in 24 hours. I think that they should've left the text box and add the possibility to share photos, videos and gifs because in it you can write something that really represents yourself, like a phrase you like, and it deserves to be seen everytime.

Moreover, in my opinion, Whatsapp isn't a Social Network but an application for chatting with people. Please if you want to follow the trending leave at least old features that everybody used and liked. I've had the same status since May 2014 and I was a bit disappointed when I saw that it wasn't there anymore.

I hope that Whatsapp.Inc will read this petition and will reintroduce the text box. 

If you want the text box back please share this petition with your friends, your family, your colleagues and everybody you know, if they don't know English translate it or make them a little summary.

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