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Add the Catalan flag to the list of flag icons in all messaging applications

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Since social media has become prominent, the whole Catalan community was left behind when it comes to express national identity. We can choose from icons representing flags from most countries but not ours. Catalonia already has its own TLD (Top-level domain) since September 2005. The .cat TLD was approved, designed to meet the wishes and needs of the Catalan linguistic and cultural community on the Internet. This community is made up of those who use Catalan for their online communications, and/or promote the different aspects of Catalan culture online and prefer it to any other domain. 

Catalonia has about 7.5 million people, a GDP of $255.204 billion and a GDP (PPP) of $43,837 per capita. That makes Catalonia comparable to countries like Finland, Greece, Denmark, Israel, South Africa, France and many more  (source Wikipedia).

This petition is a call to all companies that provide communications tools that include icons for countries' flags to include one for Catalonia.

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