Keep Boating Alive on Whatcom County Lakes!

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We grew up enjoying watersports on Whatcom County Lakes.

We want our children and our children's children to enjoy the feeling of getting up on waterski's, learning how to slalom ski, kneeboard, wakeboard, and wake surf. All ages can enjoy these watersports that we cherish for the few short months of summer that we have in the Pacific Northwest.

Let's make sure that current and future generations can enjoy fishing, boating and watersports!

What is the issue?

On June 4, 2019, Whatcom County Council Discussed the concept of banning motorized boats on Whatcom County Lakes. 

30:25 - 30:30
"I almost would like to see us go a step further on Lake Samish and actually ban wake boats,"

"I think that we should have no motorized boats or anything..." "...there's ocean, go do all the wake you like to do and have recreation..."
"You want to do recreation? Get a canoe..."
"Can't go get 200 horse motor on a boat and you drive.."
"It shouldn't be there, period..."

"I don't think the wake boats should be on any of the lakes"
"Wake boats are not a suitable vehicle to be used on the lakes."
"my personal my request would be that we table this bring it back with a Prohibition on Wake boats"

1:05:26 - 1:05:30
"thing and the and the Wake boats in terms of whether they should be banned or not." 

1:06:18 - 1:06:35
"Maybe by next year.
We should talk about not having any motorized doesn't matter two stroke four stroke 6 stroke. It doesn't matter not to have any motorized. ... on Lake Whatcom or Samish or any other Lakes"

1:06:50 - 1:07:00
"I think the lake size we have we should just do a countywide thing and and let people recreate with their own muscle."

1:07:46 - 1:07:54
"Yes that passes 7-0 and then I'm keen to do the wakeboard language. Who do you want to do that together?"

1:23:25 - 1:23:30
"So that is why I'm so adamant about banning the wakeboard boats "

More updates to follow!

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