Bring Whataburger To #TAMUC

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  Being a student at Texas A&M University- Commerce you understand the struggle of wanting to go out past 11 pm to grab a bite to eat, but only having 2 options that you’re either tired of or don’t eat.

  If Whataburger was brought to Commerce, Texas I could almost guarantee that it would be successful as a franchise and that students and locals would really appreciate it. Simply because they don’t have to drive 25 mins away to get it and that it stays open past midnight unlike majority of the food businesses in Commerce, TX.

  Not being from Commerce you notice the lack of food places that you are use to having around where you grew up or went to school, because there are very few students who live in Commerce or attend Commerce that are actually from here.

So if Whataburger was to build a franchise 5-10 mins of the TAMUC campus I’m certain it would make a lot of people feel more at home having a food place they know and like a lot around, and others more easy and appreciative knowing that Commerce is listening to the public and working on building and improving its environment for the people and students who continuously uplift, recognize, and give Commerce the name that it has gotten over the years going from being a small rarely heard about College town in East Texas to a well-known talk of the town College in East Texas. 

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