Bring Whataburger to Nashville!

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No Whataburger in Nashville...what a tragedy. Nashville took a survey back in 2015 stating a Whataburger location was a serious need. The desire of even one location in Music City is the salvation we are all still looking for. We still don't have a Whataburger. What some of us have? A hungry vision of hope.

Whataburger's 'Flying W' flag was planted at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro In 2010. I believe now is the time to plant that bad boy right here in The Athens Of The South. 

This city is continuing to grow and so are our stomachs. Nashville natives and transplants can all agree on one thing which is the importance of Whataburger.

In 1994 there were 24 couples who got hitched at a Whataburger in one day. Whataburger allows horses in their drive thru and in their parking lots. Nashville downtown alone is full of carriages and bachlorette parties. Why hasn’t this happened yet?

The last known Whataburger Nashville location went away a long time ago and is now a Tire shop. What a tragedy. A tragedy I AM TIRED OF! 

I already know that this wonderful chain is changing lives all over the southern part of this amazing nation. Every time I travel, I get to participate in getting my world rocked by that menu. But not all of us have the time to drive to a neighboring state to get our lives changed. We can buy Whataburger ketchup in grocery stores but we can’t fully grasp that Whataburger experience.

Nashville needs you Whataburger. This town won’t let you down.

I’m asking my fellow Nashville people to sign this petition to further expand Whataburger Awareness for Nashville. Nashville hot chicken is definitely a great thing. But there is plenty of room for Whataburger spicy ketchup.

This plea has been brought to you by Nashville Whataburger Awareness and the triple W "We Want Whataburger" campaign.