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In light of the recent E-mail (10/17/17), this page is now serving as an open record of thanks to Ted whereas it was originally a petition to 1)  Restore the K-4 Principal Role at SSCPS and 2)  Restore Ted as the K-4 Principal.  

I sign here because I have read the article in its entirety  "What Makes A Principal Great?" written by one of the four finalists for National Teacher of the Year, Cindi Rigsbee.  (

I have personally witnessed the qualities in Ted with regards to my child and family which are discussed in the article, with several highlighted below.  I have chosen to send my child to SSCPS and forgo my neighborhood school because I value these qualities.

The school is a family.

There is an air of connectedness that any visitor can sense immediately when walking into a school that is led by a great principal. I've heard it referred to as "a community of caring." Teachers and parents talk about the school leader being accessible and students feel at home in the building, aware that the principal cares about them. One teacher said, "If I needed him right now, I could talk to him right now, no matter what he's doing." The sense of teamwork is apparent, and just as good teachers maintain a family atmosphere in a classroom, good principals establish that same feeling in the school as a whole. There are frequent celebrations and the work is fun for everyone in the building.

 They are student-centered.

Great principals know their students. They know their names, their stories, their strengths, and their weaknesses. They know all about their families, their dreams, and their limitations. Walk through a school with a great principal, and you'll see him or her with an arm around a student, having a conversation about a recent test score or athletic event. Students love good principals; they know when they're cared about and they know when an administrator makes a difference in a school and in their lives.

They reach out to families.

Great principals make an effort to include families in the community of a school. They offer various opportunities for parents, including parent advisory councils, open house nights, question-and-answer sessions, and frequent communication via phone messages, emails, and publications sent home with the students. One principal I met explained how he visits the home of every rising freshman before he or she begins high school. Now there's an example of going above and beyond the job description!

They have great reservoirs of energy.

As one teacher explained it, "He squeezes 28 hours into 24." Great principals are in their schools early in the morning and late at night. They can be seen at sporting events and chorus concerts, and they pick up trash and plant flowers on the campus. 

They promote school spirit and teamwork.

There is a palpable spirit in a school that has a good leader. It can be felt when listening to the morning announcements and seen on the hallway walls. Everything is a celebration, and everyone in the school is happy to be there. Academic success is cheered just as athletics are, and teachers and students know they are valued. Visitors who come in the building will think, "This would be a great place to work!" Even though there is a sense of urgency concerning learning and student achievement, everyone from the cafeteria staff and the custodians to the students, teachers, and office staff will announce with pride that they have the best school and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


















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