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What EXACTLY Are We Eating? Tell the Government We Deserve To Know!

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Most of us believe in limiting fat, sodium, or calorie intake to stay healthy but it's time to raise the bar on our awareness about what goes into our food.

Fact: The government does not want to label which foods are Genetically Modified because people will get upset over it.

However, If we are going to get upset about it and would want to change it, we should have the right to know about it. Hormones, pesticides, genetic modification, preservatives, antibiotics are all in our foods and they are going to affect our health.

We need to be aware of what we are eating and how it can affect us.

Would you eat meat if you knew that before and while it was slaughtered it was covered in its own feces?

Would you choose imported vegetables if you knew there were harmful pesticides or chemicals in them?

Would you choose genetically altered vegetables and fruits over those locally grown?

Would you eat ground meat from over 100 different animals combined so that if one was sick the whole batch would become contaminated?

If you are sceptical about the answers to these questions then you need to sign this petition to demand that we become educated in what we are eating. We need to know how animals are treated, how plants are grown, and how we can choose better options for ourselves and our families.

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