Why you should care about the new Solar Law

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Solar is for the most part an unregulated industry, where companies can prey on consumers with no legal ramifications. Most importantly the laws protect the Solar Companies and give consumers no protections. In December of 2016 I became one of thousands of victims of Vivint Solar. My home started leaking after Vivint Solar installed 51 panels negligently, and hundreds of holes all over my roof began to allow the record rainfall in California in 2017 to intrude my walls and ceilings. We had to place buckets and tarps inside our home and garage to catch the water coming in. Vivint took two months to finally send out someone to evaluate the leak. I recorded this employee who found, and stated on camera, the install was completely done wrong and caused the leaks. In fact his exact words were " A bunch of clowns did your install and they do not work for us anymore." He removed some of the panels at this time, leaving the holes even more exposed to the rain. That week we received 3 heavy storms. This man promised to return 3 days later and he never came back. As time went on Vivint sent 5 contractors to my home over the course of 9 months, 4 of which specialize in Mold and water restoration. Each time promising they would fix my home. The companies all submitted bids to Vivint, at their request. The bids came in at $367,000-$374,000. Vivint did this to simply attempt to stall any legal actions I might take against them, and their license. My home was also tested by an independent hygienist for mold and found to not only contain harmful molds, but we were told we should not live in our home in it's condition. Having no where to go the hygienist suggested we seal the rooms with the mold growing on the walls, at the very least. My health has declined and I now have an inhaler with a 17% loss of lung capacity. I have no where to go so I am forced to live this way. As time went by and I realized Vivint Solar had no intentions of fixing the damages they caused to my home. They just hoped to stall me long enough for time to expire that I could sue them. I started researching complaints against Vivint Solar, and the solar industry. This led me to start a Facebook page for Victims of Vivint Solar. You can Google it or go to Facebook at Vivintvictims @ruinedhomes to read their stories. I could not believe what I was finding. Roofs had been burned off, customers being double billed and over charged directly out of their bank accounts, ruined properties, collapsed ceilings, refunds for over charges not being refunded unless the customer agreed to sign a 1099 for their own money, solar panels never completed after a year, or not at all. Elderly people and Veterans being taken advantage of, salesman lying to make a sale. The story that really broke my heart to read was of an elderly gentlemen whose roof was burned off and he did not have the funds to repair it. Vivint walked away from him and he was forced to sell the home he raised his children in for 30 years to an investor for 50% of the value. He ended up in a senior home where his kids said depression was declining his health. I have now connected with Victims all over the US through Vivint Victims@ruinedhomes on Facebook. 8 State Attorney Generals have brought cases against Vivint for fraud and racketeering, but that is not enough, the cases are just settled and Vivint Solar goes on to victimize more people. In the 16 months I have dealt with them I feel they have shown themselves to be so arrogant, they really believe they are untouchable by the law. Employees of Vivint have joined our cause, exposing their unethical practices. We need change. The solar industry needs regulations to protect unsuspecting consumers. Solar contracts need to be clear, salesmen need to be truthful, there needs to be clear monetary and criminal jail time punishments so companies like Vivint are not be able to write in their contracts that they can destroy property and lives and walk away with the customers having no legal recourse against them. Vivint Solar's contracts state's just that. If I were to walk into a jewelry store and steal $367,000 you can bet I would go to jail. Why then is Vivint Solar allowed to steal millions from customers, ruin lives, property, and receive essentially a slap on the hand? It is also alleged they are collecting subsidies and credits for homes without working panels. How much would that add up to in tax credits as well, if it is true? Shouldn't the Federal Govt. and IRS be interested in potential tax fraud this large? Please sign our petition to bring Vivint Solar, and their CEO David Bywater to justice. Please help us send a message to the United States Attorney General and Congress. We need sweeping changes with legislation for consumer protections, and we need Vivint Solar and all Solar companies to be held to higher standards and most importantly accountable legally. Thank you so much for your support, you really will be making a positive effect on people's lives, who have been victims of this company.