WHAT ABOUT US? Historic Incest while Govt 'Institutions' - knew, looked away, aided access

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My name is Tracy. I display these ‘telling’ childhood photos of me because despite me (& other historic victims)  'SCREAMING' out for recognition for many decades to teachers, the police, the Family Court and more, I, like most incest victims, still live under a cloak of invisibility. For incest victims, SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, is still very much the case. ‘Perhaps it's because however devastating sexual molestation by a trusted figure is, it is still more palatable than the thought of being raped by one's own flesh and blood.’ (Lynn Latham).  In the wake of social change, a Royal Commission and the ‘Me Too Movement,’ our historic 'wrongs' of molestation and suffering still remain in the hushed, shadowy corners of insignificance. 

But were we not also 'children,' defenseless, vulnerable, sexually abused CHILDREN!!?

Yes, we were endangered to nefarious family members, but we were also under the ‘safe-guarding’ and Governance of establishments (Government), whom were financed & legislated to protect, defend, and ensure child safety. Institutions such as the police, the education system, the medical profession and the Family Court (to name a few). We are the children who were also persistently NOT believed and ordered to shut up regardless of outright notifications & blaring warning signs of abuse and neglect.

Yet, there are NO campaigns, NO media, NO public outrage, NO Redress Schemes and NO Royal Commissions. As a result, we, the victims of this horrific violation, 'still' have NO VOICE, and receive NO JUSTICE!

Nevertheless, crimes against us, continue to be exacerbated, with such flagrant inaction, such deathly silence, I have often wondered if my destructive, life effected abuse, was actually deemed by society and the Government, as ‘reasonably acceptable.’ 
Legislation must change now!! We the victims of incest must be heard & seen. No longer swept under a timeworn carpet like a piece of filth.

As detailed in the Royal Commission, molested children in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s & even 80’s, were treated as LIARS. We lived in a time whereby establishments (including Government) prioritized adult’s authority over children while at the same time demanded an unquestioning obedience. At that time, the mainstream institutions were much more concerned about public relations and maintaining dictatorial control, as opposed to ensuring the well-being of an individual child. Example: I spoke up at age 6 (police), 7 (to a teacher), 8 (Headmaster), 12 (Family Court), 14 (Headmistress - Perpetrator was the School bus driver), to police in 1997. The Family Court categorically refused children (me) the right to voice being excused from access visits. In my case, I was further punished when the Court not only enforced mandatory visitation with my child-molesting Father, but also applied the added punishment of reducing my starving family’s much needed maintenance payments if I did not go!

The CONVENIENT SUBTERFUGE. ‘Incest victims don’t speak up,’ is a well utilized 'convenient' catch-cry. The unabashed truth is, we DID speak up, verbally, physically, psychologically and with other blaring indicators, but NO-ONE in authority wanted to SEE or LISTEN. The impact of our abuse, the dispossession, and the wrongful omission by authorities in our developing years, set the bar for our future lives. Essentially, we were violated by the most entrusted, our family members, but were again violated by relevant authorities who didn’t believe us and certainly didn’t act.

We, the victims of historic incest of the 1950's - 1980's deserve a 'broad-based, untainted PUBLIC INQUIRY to address the violations we have and still experience from the blind-eye, failure-to-act culture that was rife across multiple Government institutions during that time and the cruel, inequitable legislation we endure today. .

The Royal Commission exposed flawed and horrendously 'damaging thinking' of the past, a 'thinking' not simply confined to the clergy. It was a culture, a systemic thinking in the community which is now proven to have ruined so many lives and that bell cannot be un-ring!

So what about all the other historic child sex abuse victims effected by the negligence, ignorance, silence and complicity of Government Institutions? What of the institutions who not only failed to act (schools, police & medical profession), who aided and abetted access (Family Court) but even punished the child for speaking up (me)? What of the silence and complicity of those 'institutions?

If you are one of the many family historically abused, or wish to support us in having our voices heard for the right to fairer dealings in the courts, the right to a PUBLIC INQUIRY, the right to seek redress and the right for the TRUTH please.



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