Our Voices Need To Be Heard: Conestoga Students Deserve Safe Housing

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In a misguided attempt to appease local homeowners and keep students out, the City of Kitchener has passed bylaws preventing the duplexing of homes in areas that are closest to the school.

The Conestoga College student population is booming and demand for student rentals is fast surpassing the limited supply.

Duplexing a home is essential for the financial viability of legitimate student rentals. Law abiding landlords providing clean, safe, and high-quality student rentals have been forced out of the areas within reasonable distance of the school, such as the Lower Doon Area.

This has created a black-market that negligent landlords can exploit. The lack of legitimate competition allows them to extract rents from students without maintaining the homes, abiding by fire or safety regulations, or providing a decent quality of life for their tenants.

Students cannot afford the time nor the expense to live far from the school and are forced to settle with overcrowded, unsafe, unclean, and illegal rentals.

The City of Kitchener must change the bylaws to legalize student rental duplexes in the areas closest to the school; Allowing legitimate landlords to enter the area and improve the living conditions for the students who call this place home.

Legal duplexing would:

1. Prevent Overcrowding - Limit the total number of students to 3-4 per each half of the duplex
2. Improve students’ safety & quality of life - Force ALL legal student rentals to adhere to strict regulations under the Fire and Building codes of Ontario
3. Force out less desirable landlords - Introduce legitimate competition to the area
4. Encourage well maintained & high quality rental units - creating a cleaner, safer, quieter, and better looking neighbourhood for students & permanent residents alike
5. Create better student-landlord relationships - Give students the option of renting from legitimate landlords who are responsive, caring, and properly maintain their property
6. Meet the growing needs of the Conestoga College Community - Provide enough quality student rentals to meet the growing demand of the Conestoga College community 

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