We Condemn the Westwood High School Mascot

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Thank you for signing, and how to get more involved.

Thank you to ALL who signed, commented, and shared this petition, and thank you for the overwhelming support this petition/cause has received from the community in just the past few days. I think we all agree that this is long overdue.

This petition is just the first step in achieving this change, and we have more steps planned and to come. Please "Like" and encourage others to "Like" our Facebook page "Westwood Community against Native American Appropriation" (@WHSagainstNAA https://www.facebook.com/WHSagainstNAA/) for updates, to reach out to us, and to get more involved. I want to expand this into a community effort: the more people involved and pushing for this change, the more we can do. 

I will continue to post updates on this petition. Until then, keep on sharing and signing!

1 year ago