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Today 70 Westpac workers from the Lockleys Call Centre in Adelaide are going home to tell their families they have lost their jobs to offshoring.

Westpac is replacing them with workers in India and the Philipines who are likely to be paid only one tenth of the salary of an Australian worker.

 We need to sent an urgent message to Westpac that as workers, customers, and Australians, we are not going to put up with this anymore.

It's time to act! Send your message to Westpac CEO Gail Kelly now and tell her it's time to stop offshoring Aussie jobs now.

Letter to
Westpac Corporation Gail Kelly, CEO
I'm writing to tell you that offshoring Aussie jobs is not ok.

Your decision to sack 70 workers at the Lockleys Call Centre in Adelaide today is bad for workers, bad for customers, and bad for Australia.

That's why I will be reconsidering my financial arrangements and voting with my feet to support only those companies supporting Aussie jobs.

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