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Senior Quotes and Pictures Deregulation

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To the Administration of Westosha Central
High School:

With senior pictures around the corner, I wanted to take the chance of discussing the rules for their submission. I realize certain events have taken place that fabricated the rules, such as no hands, no props, and no quotes. However, to many students, including myself, we feel as if these standards are stringent and needless.
Out of the four years that a student expends at Central, they acquire characteristics from the activities our school offers. For example, athletic photos posted in the gymnasium contain props, whether it be a basketball or a softball; if these portraits are allowed to be hung in the school building, the same criteria should be applied to senior pictures. Props should be deemed acceptable within the appropriate boundaries. Our senior pictures are supposed to represent our time spent at central; our individuality and creativity- what makes us who we are. If objects defining our success and attributes obtain this, they should be permitted.
Additionally, senior quotes allow us to express ourselves. Not only do quotes inspire others, but sum up our goals and/or personalities. As suggested to senior pictures, quotes should be allowed as long as they are appropriate. Quotes in foreign languages can be translated at ease with the access to technology we have today. Any comments focused towards another person should be approved by the person targeted, along with a description acquired. Many of the justifications brought about can be easily solved.
We deserve to express ourselves as we have been told throughout our years at Central. Classes to come should not be punished for the aberrations of previous ones. Many are not willing to purchase senior pictures when their submissions are in strong similarity to those taken at registration. I hope this email has brought some insight to the problem at hand, as we seniors of 2018 and future classes to come wish not to be punished for the faults of others.

MacKenzie Maccaux and the Senior
Class of 2018

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