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Stop Construction of up to2,150 Daily Vehicle Access Road on Rail Trail onto Church Street

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Hello neighbor!  I am Kristine Vallila Lee, a fellow resident of Weston on Pigeon Hill Road, and am very concerned about a detail in the proposed Boston Properties expansion of the 133 Boston Post Road Biogen project that I believe will impact all of the central nodes of traffic near Church Street, the Town Greene, and all adjoining roads.  I would like to quickly highlight to you the information I have found and ask you to take 1 minute to sign the petition if you agree.  One voice makes no difference, but together we can have an impact.

(Please send no funds if requested to do so - I am requesting no money to support this cause)


Boston Properties has filed a Notice Of Intent and other plans with the Town of Weston for a proposed plan for extension of development of the current Biogen Offices.

The Property is located at 133 Boston Post Road (Biogen Office Park) and within a portion of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Right-of-Way (ROW) directly north of 133 Boston Post Road in Weston, Massachusetts (the Property).

There are three main components of the proposed project (the Project), including:

  1. A new four-story ±250,000 square foot gross floor area (GFA) office building and 1,549-space six-level parking garage (1,700 spaces for office buildings)
  2. The construction of 345 residential units in 2 new buildings (with 450 parking spaces)
  3. Installation of an access drive on the Weston Rail Trail adjoining Church Street and increasing traffic significantly by up to the full capacity of parking 2,150 spaces) - 4,400 linear feet and will connect to Church Street - Wetlands impact noted in documents.
  • There is a potential for INCREASE IN TRAFFIC ON THIS PROPOSED ACCESS ROAD should the “Area of Proposed Potential Future Multimodal Station” (the development of a commuter rail stop on Jones road in Waltham) be built and gain access via Church Street and Weston Rail Trail Road

There are multiple alternative options for the access road that are not fully covered in the materials presented in the Notices of Intent or in the onsite meetings that Boston Properties they have had with the Weston Town - they are:

  • Access via Jones Road in Waltham (Conservation study briefly mentions this option and some wetlands impact) - To Note: Boston Properties owns the property on the other side of the track & wetlands and has included in current plans map an site for “Area of Proposed Potential Future Multimodal Station”
  • Access for Residential development via existing access road to current Biogen complex off of Boston Post Road (Not mentioned in any documents)

PPT with additional information here - please inform yourself further:

(Includes Site plans, links to documents, Maps of parking, links to Town and Boston Property documents, etc)



I am a resident of Weston, Massachusetts and object to the construction of an access road to the 133 Post Road Boston Properties 40B residential project on the Wayside Rail Trail.


  • I object to the construction of a road for daily car use on the Weston Rail Trail which is intended of recreational use (and occasional maintenance)
  • I object to an increase in traffic on Church Street from such a road (as there is parking for 2,150 spaces in the current project this appears significant)
  • I am concerned about the safety of current residents, drivers, pedestrians and children that would result from an increase in traffic on Church Street and alternative routes/back roads in Weston - and the seeking of alternative routes via currently little traveled residential streets (In addition to safety concerns, this could negatively impact our commuting times, property values, and change the character of Weston in the form of increased traffic, more fences to protect children from traffic, etc) 
  • I oppose the 133 Boston Post Road expansion project proposed by Boston Properties unless they are able to find an alternative access route to the proposed road on the Wayside Trail with access to Church Street


I have put together this petition to raise awareness with our Weston Town Selectmen about resident concerns so the the Selectmen and Planning Board can and will ask Boston Properties to explore alternative routes.  Please sign this petition if you share concern.

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