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Recently at our school, every seventh grade girl, ourselves included, were called down to the auditorium for meeting that lasted almost 30 minutes explaining why the clothes we were wearing to school were “inappropriate” to the school environment. the things that they said or implied were along the lines of “it’s making people uncomfortable" and that we could only wear tank tops if we were “flat”
At one point. A girl asked why it mattered, saying that if we were comfortable with our bodies we should be allowed to show them. They justified this by simply saying if we would feel uncomfortable when a teacher walked into school wearing shorts that showed “mooncheeks”. As far as we know, no one in this grade has ever worn shorts that short to school. We were told multiple times that it “wasn’t about the boys” yet still continued to tell us afterward that kids had come up to the teachers to thank them for reinforcing the rules because they felt uncomfortable. they also decided that rather than have this talk at lunch, it was best to have it during a learning block, causing the girls to miss out on education. A lot of girls left feeling insecure. We can show a few inches of lace without being sexualized.

Our first priority is that girls always feel comfortable in their own skin, and we shouldn’t pay attention to what teachers think rather than ourselves. Today, we were again called into the auditorium again. This time with the boys as well. Everyone was expecting apologies and clarification with the dress code for the boys. We expected clarification, but instead were accused of twisting words and getting the wrong message. As if this whole situation wasn't shocking enough, a few of us asked what the boys dress code was. They said that it was “Rarely violated, normally boys don't come to school in a speedo". This message isn’t meant to harm teachers. The females who put it on were actually telling us that if we had a problem, change it. But they weren’t clear and probably influenced by the male staff. After all, the dress code, something that mainly targeted females, was written by a male vice principal. Sign if you agree, but don’t feel obligated to.
- 20 ticked off girls :) 


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