Dissolve The Scottish Parliament

Dissolve The Scottish Parliament

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Charles Kiniev started this petition to Westminster

Scotland is being destroyed from within by the cancer of the SNP government

The Independence Referendum of 2014, while a worthy exercise in determining if the majority of Scots truly had an appetite to leave the United Kingdom, was a crushing failure for a party whose only clear & concise objective was to deliver Independence to Scotland

The once in a generation question asked of Scotland’s citizens was clearly answered, we said no to Independence, but the democratic wishes of the majority were ignored, & have continued to be ignored by the SNP, since the last vote was counted & their dream lay dead

Since that day, the SNP have cared nothing for the will of the majority & have continuously forced their own views & opinions on us, they have shown no respect for democracy & have alienated the majority voters of Scotland with their actions by attempting to foment discord between us, in the hope that they can somehow gain popular support for another damaging Independence referendum 

Instead of genuine leadership & progression as a nation, we have been given nothing more than continual lies, deceit, scandal, treachery & embarrassment

SNP representatives in Westminster make a fool of themselves almost on a daily basis, while the “Chief Mammy” stumbles on in Holyrood, with no real plan & no proper strategy, except to grimly hold onto power in Scotland, & pray that her opposite numbers in Westminster fail so spectacularly that the SNP, somehow, can force the Scots, against the majorities will, to choose once again

Despite the fiscal transfer from Westminster, we are to see a tax policy that now looks to penalise the hard working citizens of Scotland by taxing them to travel to their place of employment, park their car, & earn their daily wage, which of course, for so many, is also being taxed unfairly, with nothing in the way of a noticeable return ...

Our countries infrastructure is suffering badly

Health, Education & Transport, three of our most basic needs, are in disarray through serious mismanagement since the SNP came to power, those we rely on to provide these essential services are overworked, overstretched, & disillusioned

These are not their only failures, we have seen little success in any endeavour undertaken by the SNP government 

Due to historic & current issues, the political climate in Scotland is unlikely to change in the near future

Historic reasons will likely ensure that the Scottish Conservative party will fail to remove the minority SNP government from Holyrood & current realities render the Scottish Labour Party impotent

Scotland cannot afford to wait

Serious division between the citizens is now a fact of daily life under the SNP, the atmosphere has become poisonous, in their quest for Independence, the SNP first neglected, & then alienated, those who oppose them, we are now left with an us & them situation that is, sadly, both unsolvable & unsustainable

The Scottish Devolution Experiment has failed

Sign & share the petition, & tell Westminster that the time has come for the Scottish Parliament to be dissolved, & for Scotland to be free from the uncertainty & incompetence we endure under SNP rule



0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!