Decision Maker Response

Councillor Glanz’s response

Councillor Glanz
Westminster Council

Aug 29, 2012 — Dear Peritioner,

Thank you for your email letting me know that you have signed the Save Cork St Petition.

As Ward Councillor I have had a number of meetings with those representing the Arts businesses in the street and the area around it and am aware of the pressures on smaller galleries in particular. I believe there is a proposal being formulated to seek to designate the area as one of Special Policy on behalf of the Arts and Antique businesses in the same way that Savile Row is the subject of a special policy that relates to bespoke tailoring. This would seek to protect such uses under planning law.

I believe the contribution that the arts businesses, big and small, working alongside the major auction houses make to the area is very important and support the continuance of such occupiers which is part of what gives the West End its unique character.