Save the Westminster College (New Wilmington, PA) Preschool Lab

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   We, the parents of students enrolled in the Westminster College Preschool Lab (New Wilmington, PA) and anyone who cares about the education of young children, petition Westminster College and the Westminster College Board of Trustees to keep the Westminster College Preschool lab open for operation.

   This petition has been started because we are not getting answers. The Westminster College Preschool Lab is set to close at the end of the Spring 2018 semester. There have been no other options presented to the Westminster College Preschool Lab parents or to community members. Responses to our questions have been vague and some questions have not been answered at all. We have not been offered any solutions to the problem. The only solution is to close. However, this petition has mainly been started because of the children enrolled in this program. These kids enjoy every aspect of this program and do not want to go to another school next year. Additionally, the students at Westminster College utilize this preschool lab for observation hours to satisfy hours required for their major. It is also used for your psychology students to conduct studies, as these are also required for their major.

   We hope that you, Westminster College and the Westminster College Board of Trustees, find a way to keep this important part of our community open for operation. Please consider all of your options before just closing. If you close this preschool, you’re teaching the students at Westminster this:  “If you fail, just give up”. This goes against what Westminster stands for.