Support the Piano Program at Westminster Choir College

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Support the Piano Program at Westminster Choir College

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John Roper started this petition to Westminster College of the Arts, Rider University

Hello, and thank you for supporting this petition!

This petition is for the support of the Piano Degree Program at Westminster Choir College. In a recent string of events, Rider's President announced, very abruptly, the discontinuation of several of Rider University's degree programs. Piano Performance (Listed as Piano) was on that list of degrees. Fortunately this was the only program included in the Westminster College of the Arts. However the fact remains that this program was announced among the programs to be discontinued. 

Some key points:

  • The Piano Degree programs in the levels; Undergraduate, Graduate, and piano pedagogy are listed to be phased out by May 2017
  • Piano as part of other degrees, including (but not limited to) secondary piano in conjunction with Music Education, piano primary and other partners of the piano department are still continuing. 
  • The Union has, from the announcement date, 21 days to respond, and that decision is still up in the air.
  • Many students and alumni have written and responded, as well as contacted the administration both at Rider and Westminster in response to this demand of ending degree programs. 

This petition, for many reasons has become a petition in support of the Piano Degree programs, instead of a petition to save the program. One of the main reasons is that there is no final decision that has been made as of this moment, and it would be rash to throw support into something that has not happened yet.

I have spoken personally with the Dean of Westminster Choir College, who has been made aware of the support of this petition. He has also spoken at length with students and made himself available to answer questions as he is able. Finally he brings up the point that there are many degree programs that are no longer at Westminster, such as there are current programs that are now available that were not, long ago. 

Still Interested in truly saving the program:
Rider is in the middle of a financial crisis, which has brought about the severance of this degree and many associate professors. You, as supporters of this Petition can make direct donations to the college with a note to help the piano degree and further support any other programs potentially at risk for the College. Please contact Westminster Choir College at: Support-Rider-Ways-to-Give to find out more about gifts and direct donations to Westminster (found at the bottom of the page)

Your support is greatly appreciated and shows how many people truly support and care for the college of the arts and for the programs at Westminster. 

Thank you so much for supporting students like myself, and other future students who will attend a truly remarkable place, unlike any other.

Sincerely Yours, 
Students of the Westminster Community

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This petition had 1,339 supporters

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