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We would like the transfer of lease from WBWT to VICEC and to resume business as usual

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Petition Summary: We, the VICEC committee are carrying out this petition against Mr Shaista Miah of WBWT. On the 2nd of June 2017, the first Friday of Ramadan, he served VICEC a notice of possession without any prior warning. This left the community without a place to pray and resulted in the cancellation of weekend classes for children and forthcoming events to be postponed. VICEC is solely run by the donations of the public and we feel that it is unreasonable that Mr Shaista Miah can close the centre at his whim and deny the public access to that which they have contributed to through their donations.

From the inception of VICEC money has been raised by VICEC from the general public, totaling over £200,000.

This money was raised under the banner of VICEC for a prayer place. However, when the lease was taken out on the 15th of April 2014, it was taken out under WBWT.

Currently there is a public outrage due to the closure of the centre by Mr Shaista Miah. Questions have been raised regarding the money that has been donated by the public. All monies were donated to VICEC however there has been questions of transparency from Mr Shaista Miah regarding where the funds have been used.

The community is especially saddened that the centre has been closed during the month of Ramadan where worshippers are now left without a place of prayer.

Although the lease is under WBWT, VICEC have been operating in the premises for over two years. Mr Shaista Miah did resign from the VICEC committee in March 2017. The relationship between VICEC and Mr Shaista Miah upon his resignation was hostile. Since his resignation we have continued operating in Sherborne House and Mr Shaista Miah has not cooperated with us in transferring the charities Natwest bank account or passing us our bills in a timely manner.

Our recent Charity Commission report suggested that they would like to see adequate records - demonstrating engagement with City of Westminster Council regarding the proposed transfer of the lease as we only have verbal permission to operate in Sherborne house, however WBWT have not been forthcoming and VICEC have found it exceptionally difficult to engage with them.

The closure has come as a shock to us and we are concerned that Mr Shaista Miah having changed the locks of the premises has not only denied the public of accessing a centre which they have donated large sums of money to but he also has possession over charity donations which are in the VICEC office.

Action petitioned for: We would like Mr Shaista Miah and those of the WBWT to transfer the lease over from WBWT to VICEC and allow the VICEC committee to run the centre with transparency and resume in serving the community.


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