Stop Westminster's proposed crackdown on street performing

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Jordan Rawson
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The future of street performance in Britain's capital is under threat. Westminster council are planning to introduce licencing throughout the entire borough leaving only two spaces unlicensed and accessible, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden, licencing all other pitches while removing the ability for new spaces to be established or small site specific work to be performed without risk of arrest. The unlicensed Trafalgar square will become the most over subscribed "pitch" in the world as the Council forces all other unlicensed buskers to use it, while amp bans make all other spaces unworkable. Westminster Council have been historically oppressive towards street performance and should not be trusted with our cultural heritage on the capitals streets. Sign now if you think Westminster should work with Street Performer associations and utilise existing laws to deal with the few problem buskers rather than introducing a draconian licensing scheme that will make street performance unviable in this iconic part of London.