Stop the Government demolishing Grade II* Richmond House

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Wendy Akers
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The Government is planning to demolish the majority of the Grade II* listed Richmond House, designed by Sir William Whitfield and his partner Andrew Lockwood,  to make way for a temporary House of Commons chamber and offices while the Palace of Westminster undergoes a multi-billion refurbishment. Only the Whitehall façade will be left intact along with the reconstructed Georgian terrace.

The cost of this is a staggering £1.6 billion, with no clear plan for the use of the building once the Palace of Westminster has been refurbished.  This is a shameful waste of public money. 

The three level basement is for a central plantroom, which carbon studies indicate will be obsolete very soon (ie; all electric buildings within a few years). Carbon emissions expert Simon Sturgis has been quoted as saying that the plans to replace Richmond House represented an “investment” of 16,500 cubic tonnes of carbon dioxide.   Other leading architects have suggested alternative plans to relocate the House of Commons which would cause less damage and these should be investigated more fully.

Grade II* listed buildings form only 5.5% of all listed buildings in the country and 1980s buildings of this grade are astoundingly rare, making this one of the most significant of its date in the UK.

Whitfield, who died in March aged 98, has been described as one of the most distinguished architects of his generation.

Please sign this petition and also write a letter of objection to Westminster City Council quoting reference 19/08221/LBC