Revise the WMS Dress Code

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This petition is to change the unfair and outdated dress code at Westland Middle School. By signing this you will help the hundreds of students not allowed to wear appropriate clothes due to the sexist thought that boys will get easily distracted by girls bodies. Our Revision would be...

  1. All shirts must cover ones bellybutton and must be a palms length away from ones collarbone. They must have no cutouts or absence of fabric.
  2. All shorts must completely cover ones bottom and not show ones undergarments.
  3. All tops must have a strap over your shoulder or arms.
  4. All dresses must cover ones bottom completely, be a palms length away from from ones collarbone, and have straps over ones shoulder or arms.
  5. All hats, head coverings, and coats must be stored in ones locker from the beginning of STAR to the finish of 7th period (unless used for a religious or medical reason.)
  6. All clothing must bear no sexual or violent overtones and must not present drug/alcohol related advertisements or overtones.

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