Tell WestJet to change their new policy restricting rescues to fly with flight Angels

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Today those who work in rescue had a bombshell dropped by WestJet.
Westjet will no longer be taking rescue dogs on flights with flight escorts or “flight angels.” The animals will have to fly "Cargo Service" (not meaning in cargo) at huge costs that no rescue can afford.
Instead they will offer a “cargo service” which will cost hundreds of dollars which rescues simply cannot afford. Rescues rely on keeping costs low to allow proper medical care in order to bring healthy dogs and cats into Canada. This change will mean an increase of $500 plus per animal which is completely devastating financially to rescues. 

Because of this new policy many dogs will not be able to be saved and will face a life of disease, abuse and even death. Please help us by signing this petition and ask WestJet to reverse this new policy immediately.