Ban Blackface and Yellowface in Westford Public Schools

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Westford Public Schools, and more specifically WA, has had a history of doing Blackface during school spirit rallies. Seniors have a tradition where black paint is smeared on their faces to show "senior" or "school" pride. Their intention may not be racially motivated, but the symbol is still inherently racist; blackface was used after the Civil War to mock Black people and create harmful stereotypes about the Black community. Permitting Blackface to exist is beyond unacceptable. There is a "rule" at WA addressing Blackface, but it is never enforced. Students continue to do Blackface with no repercussions whatsoever. A permanent ban of this racist symbol is necessary. School Committee must take action to ban it!

Similarly, Yellowface has also been done at WA for the WATA play "Miss Saigon". Again, it is beyond appalling that this was allowed in a school setting and must not occur again.

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