Speed indication device for The Moor (leading to Moor Lane), Westfield.

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Speeding has become a real issue with drivers coming through the road 'The Moor' (road down by the Plough) and continuing through Moor Lane in Westfield. 

Many of us residents in 'The Moor' do not have a footpath outside of our houses. This means that we must walk onto a narrow road- with speeding traffic, which is becoming more of a gamble everyday. Drivers then continue this speed well up into the village, and worryingly many of these are HGVs at present. 

The road is marked as 30mph and traffic is only getting faster and more frequent.

We are also continuously finding dead wildlife in this road from speeding traffic and feel that it is only a matter of time before one of us gets hit.

We ask the parish council to fund a speed indication device for The Moor, prior to entering the village, to tell drivers to slow down.  

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