Free parking for night shift workers at Westfield Stratford

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The flowers have died, the questions have faded and the suspect has a court date. My face looks a lot better, of course still hiding under a few layers of foundation and concealer. I still wake up a few times a night when I accidentally turn on to that side and the pain is so sharp that it makes me jump. I still can't stand people walking behind me at any time. I still jump whenever I hear someone rushing or running anywhere near me. For some reason, naive me, I thought that at least this experience will help prevent worse ones in the future. I thought that at least now it will make sense for Westfield Stratford to make parking free for the night shift Casino employees so we don't have to cross the bridge again and again. I thought it would be a good and safe business move for Westfield to understand how this incident could have been a stabbing or anything, much worse than what it was. I thought that at least now we could offer the free night time parking to people who actually need it more than anyone else. If these people stop going to work because they are afraid that car park will be even emptier than it is. But here we are, still paying £5 a day to park a car overnight in Westfield while going to work. I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford the parking without worries but what about all the single parents who work at Aspers Stratford? What about the people for whom paying £5 a day for parking is too much? Westfield has to step up and make sure things change!