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Stand up for our children at Westfield Primary School Woking

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As a mother of children who attend Westfield primary school it has been brought to my attention after conversing with other parents that there is a severe lack of communication, errors, advice and especially care at this school.

I feel as though our children are being let down by the staff. Our concerns are not listened to and the responses are almost robotic and nothing is ever done. As parents we are having our ears tickled with no change for our children who spend a majority of their week at school. Their anti bullying policy which was drawn up by the schools Inclusion Leader is not adhered to at all.

We need to make a change so that our children can go to school feeling safe and cared for with their voices being heard. As parents we should feel as though appropriate action is taken when incidents happen and witnessed by us.

We are calling for all parents who have also had enough of Westfield primaries errors and lies! Even the numerous parents who have pulled their children out of the school.

We need to make a change so please stand with us, help and be part of a positive change for our children’s future education and a happy, safe and caring school environment.

The children of Westfield Primary school Woking not having their basic needs met whilst in the care of staff.
Not adhering to their own anti bullying policy which was drawn up by the school.
Servere lack of consistent and ongoing care and routine for children with disabilities and needs.
Poor lack of communication by staff.
Staff undermining parental authority.
Children not being listened too thus feeling Like they no longer want to go to school.
Parents and children being judged leading to lack of appropriate care during school hours.Children who have reported numerous bullying incidents and nothing being done/being blamed themselves for the incident yet no appropriate adult ever witnesses it
Playground under staffed
Complaints ignored and NOT RECORDED!
Certain members of staff and reception are extremely rude and offer conflicting advice.

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