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End Water Fluoridation in Roanoke, VA

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Water Fluoridation in Virginia is a voluntary practice, not a law. After years and years of ineffective and harmful fluoridation practices, it is time for change.

Fluoride studies done by The NRC, the FDA, and the CDC, have concluded that it has no benefits on the health of peoples teeth, and in turn causes dozens of other issues. Healthwise, it is enzyme disrupting, causes skeletal fluorosis, impedes  cognitive function, builds up in the kidneys, pineal gland, liver, and calcifies bones.

Whether or not health is of a big concern of yours, the ethical issues surrounding water fluoridation is belittling to us all. For one, putting fluoride in our water is the only unmeasured, unwilling, practice of drugging in our community to date. The CDC coins fluoride as a drug when pertaining to medicating practices and also attests that it only has topical uses, as opposed to systemic. Not to mention, if fluoride is being used "medicinally", there is no way to measure the dose, babies and adults alike are exposed to the same amounts. So why do we continue to allow this unjust, illegitimate form of medication to be in our water supply?

By signing this petition you will be letting the Western Virginia Water Authority you no longer condone this practice in our Community.

For more information regarding Water Fluoridation and the facts and fallacies surrounding the practice, follow any of these links for further education.



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