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Fire Richard Joseph from the Western Gazette

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Richard Joseph is a testament to what an angry toddler can do when armed with a thesaurus. The fact that a glorified blogger ever got a position on a student newspaper is mind-boggling. His "columns" are just him furiously masturbating over his own superiority instead of addressing any actual points. Who knew you could weaponize narcissism?

This smug contrarian must step down from his position at the Western Gazette. Instead of engaging with real issues, he writes poorly researched "articles" to manufacture outrage on campus. In the name of free speech, we have to shut him down and make sure he can't spread his dangerous misinformation.

Insulting various groups around campus doesn't qualify as "journalism." Mr Joseph recklessly spreads negativity and criticism without an ounce of integrity. His grinning, punchable face is plastered all over this campus, and we the students are sick of it.

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