Fight for a sustainable future! Solar panels on WSU campus by 2024.

Fight for a sustainable future! Solar panels on WSU campus by 2024.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kate Sweeney

Western Sydney University (WSU) has agreed to reduce their net zero emissions by 2030 in their 2020 Environmental Sustainability Action plan. We believe this can be achieved by 2024 because it should not take nine years to accomplish.  

Show your support by signing this petition to encourage WSU to increase their uptake of solar panels immediately. Why wait until 2030? Many scientists believe that we have until 2030 to stop worldwide coal emissions otherwise the effects will be irreversible, and our planet will be destroyed, beyond human repair.  

This may sound dramatic, but it is the truth. 2030 is too distant and therefore we need to stop delaying action with vague dates and solve the crisis now.  

Climate change is very real and very alarming, and we have already witnessed the negative effects such as animal extinctions, extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, disruption of ecosystems and this is just the beginning. Not too far into the future, we will face human extinction.

If you, want a future say yes to solar panels by 2024 as this is just the beginning of renewable energy.  

I ask you, if not for yourself, sign this petition so your children and grandchildren can have a future. 



86 have signed. Let’s get to 100!