Decrease the gap between platform and footboard. And do it Fast.

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Every day, people die in Mumbai, by falling off the train (local suburban train), in the gap between platform and footboard of train. Every Day. And the government says, it will take at least 3 more years before changing the platform height of 36 platforms (which were reported as Killer Platforms by Hindustan Times recently; apart from these platforms there are 90 other platforms with wrong heights). There are PILs filed against the authorities, lots of news articles on the same, and quite a few volunteers trying to push this cause. But nothing substantial is happening.

I personally used Hindustan Times a lot to get this message across, and they have done good coverage, but are unable to bring any change. I think this needs the support of more people. Today, most of us ignore the problems in Mumbai Local Trains and some of us even try to feel proud of the same, calling it "Mumbai's lifeline". Taking the life of 10 people on an average per day cannot be called life-line (the number '10' includes those crossing the railway tracks as well)

Railway Officials say (unofficially), the reason behind taking 3 years to work on 30+ platforms is the fact that Mumbai lifeline cannot be stopped, and this job can be done in a few days, if trains are not allowed to stop on the platforms where the work is in progress. But that will inconvenience a lot of people.

Seriously, is this inconvenience 'that' important to us? What about the inconvenience caused due to rallies of politicians? Can't we agree to travel the distance of an extra station on bus, for a few days, to save the life of 1000+ individuals (yes, that's the expected number of people who will die in the next 3 years, only because of the gap between platform and footboard, not considering those crossing the tracks, or those hanging from a moving train) and making another 1000+ crippled. Just imagine, more than 50% of the people who fall under the train due to this problem die, and those left crippled do not have an easy life to live (though our organization is working actively for the inspiration of these and is very successful, but that's a different issue) because of the severity of the accident.


P.S. How did this problem begin? We also need to understand what led to the beginning of these problems. It started because new coaches were brought in, for Mumbai Local, a few years ago. New coaches were brought in, but the platform heights remained the same, despite clear incompatibility between new coaches and the platforms. Who was responsible? Yes, a foolish decision by the top authorities in the railways led to the loss of more than 3000 lives- much more than most genocides due to riots.

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