Provide one more compartment of ladies first class

Provide one more compartment of ladies first class

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The reason behind starting this petition is to get some better facilities for Virar local and ladies first class.

Firstly, I would like to thank the railways (Western Railway) for increasing the number of local trains but the reason for this petition is not just to thank railways for the increased number of fast trains (which has created more problems for commuters) but also to make them aware of the real picture of the Mumbai local trains also well known as MUMBAI KI LIFE LINE especially of the people living beyond Borivili towards Virar. In this petition, I have jotted all the ordeals or difficulties that commuters especially working ladies staying in Virar have to face every day. It is like facing death almost every day and than Thank God for reaching home safe.

I would like to put all these issues in points and elaborate it a bit to give you a clear picture of our daily travelling from death to life-like condition in Virar locals.I have also shared a few the photographs with our Railway minster Suresh Prabhuji on his Twitter account @sureshpprabhu, to bring to his awareness the crowd during the peak hours. mindicator the best option to give you the exact idea of the frequency of “VIRAR SLOW TRAINS.”

So here are those points I would like the railway authorities to go through very patiently and give them a priority in the upcoming budget of February 2017.


1. Slow trains converted to fast trains- Most of the slow trains from Virar and Churchgate have been converted to fast trains. People staying towards Virar need slow trains at least during the peak hours. And surprisingly, the decision taken by the Western railway has been to convert almost all slow trains to fast trains.

2. No Ticket Checking-  Hardly we find a ticket checker on the platform throughout the month. They are seen either in the beginning of the month, middle of the month that to very rarely and at the end of the month. Why do we have ticket checkers if they just have to do their work only for twice or thrice in a month? Why cannot they do their duties every day? If it is difficult for them than give the rights to the commuters to check the tickets of the fellow commuter if they are suspected to be non ticket/pass holders, or second class ticket/pass holders (for non first class ticket/pass holders who very conveniently travel by first class and the first class ticket/pass holders have to stand).

3. Offensive Second class ticket/pass holders-  It often happens that because the first class ladies compartment is next to the second class ladies compartment, those who cannot  get into the second class compartment get in to the first class compartment and even after telling them that it’s the first class compartment they do not get off because they are so sure that there wont be any ticket checker and even if they are, its just once in a while they may have to pay the fine awarded to them. This will stop only if there is a regular check which is strict.

4. Ladies first class compartment- As per the knowledge of the railway authorities the first class compartment is sufficient as per the tickets bought. The Photograph that is shared here will give you the true picture of ladies first class compartment during the peak hours. It is only one compartment divided into two, of which, one is converted to general compartment post 11 pm. The crowd during peak hours is so much that it is as bad as suffocating to death. There are beggars, Eunuchs etc in the first class compartment travelling daily. There have been cases of thefts in the first class ladies compartment.

5. No GRPF/RPF and non effective helpline numbers- Seldom we see a GRPF/ RPF on the platforms. They are seen only if there is an accident or some security checks. Rest of the times they are not to be seen. The chaos while getting into the trains will be less if they do their duties well. The helpline numbers are non effective most of the times when called to handle the situation. Either the help reaches too late or doesn’t even reach. What is the use of such helpline numbers?

6. Announcements- Most of the times the announcements are not in sync with the trains arrival. It is only after either the train has arrived at the platform or only after its departure. Even for the matter if the train is diverted to the other platform. The announcements are done late. How can a senior citizen or a person with health issues run up the huge bridges to get on to the other side. We face this issue mostly at Nalasopara station. Indicators too at times are not in sync with the upcoming  train.

7. Trains between Borivli to Virar-  The fast trains between Borivli to Virar is like being on the battle field to get into the train. Every one wants to be the first one to board the train which is already crowded from stations before Borivli.  The trains starting form Borivli to Virar is equally crowded. Ladies, like Gents are forced to risk their lives to board the train when it is still arriving at the platform. Ladies too board the train by jumping into the running train just to get a seat to relax themselves after a tiring day which continues for them till late night even after they reach home. Why can’t we have more frequencies for “VIRAR LADIES SPECIAL”

8. Old racks- Why are the old racks (unmodified) still running and that to during the peak hours specially for Virar. At times even the new racks don't have proper seats,there are gaps in between seats or are not in a straight level.

What we want from the Railway ministry-

1. More slow trains to and fro Virar during peak hours.

2. Increase number of Virar ladies special rather than having trains only till Bhyander and Vasai.

3. Daily and strict checking. Possibly a Ticket Checker posted to and fro in first class compartments.

4. One more ladies first class compartment at the other end but not next to second class ladies compartment.

5. GRPF/RPF at all stations and surprise checks by higher authorities to keep check on the subordinates.

6. If at all it is a necessity to run old racks kindly modify it or else run them on short distances rather than on Virar-Churchgate.


Sign this petition so that the plea reaches to the higher authorities.

Thank you,

Aafreen M Juwaley.