Save Newlands Stadium

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Ellen Fedele
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For over a century, this iconic stadium has been the backbone of memorable soccer and rugby events. Now owing to what is said to be financial constraints, the powers that be want to raze it to the ground and make the Cape Town Stadium (built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup and is now pretty much a white elephant running at a huge loss) the official stadium for any and all events.

Newlands Stadium is not about race or soccer vs rugby - it is about the second oldest stadium in the world being torn down due to mismanagement and lack of pride in what is surely one of the most scenic places in the world to have a stadium, much like the cricket grounds nearby, with our Table Mountain as a backdrop.

We, the undersigned, are totally against the demolition of the stadium and moving events over to the CT Stadium. If the current leadership at the WPRU cannot manage the stadium properly, find people who have the passion, knowledge and willpower to do so.

Thank you.