Lift the Suspension of Langa Cricket Club

Lift the Suspension of Langa Cricket Club

3 December 2021
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Western Province Cricket Association
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Started by Social WSNT

In South Africa, sports has become an important tool to bring unity, development and harmonious living. Young people from low income backgrounds have found value in participating in sports because it helps with their personal development, gives them hope of a better life and diverts them from participating in criminal activities or social ills. This is a reality for the young people who have joined the Langa Cricket Club.

In the past two years, our cricket community at the Langa Cricket Club faced many barriers e.g. the COVID 19 lockdowns led to cricket seasons getting canceled. For a club that is mainly made of people from previously marginalized backgrounds and those who are in their learning and development phase, the 2021/22 was meant to be the season all such cricket clubs in Cape Town finally participate in competitive cricket and this would have meant a lot for our club members. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for Langa Cricket Club as the club became embroiled in internal disruptions and resistance to change.

On the 25th of October 2021, the Western Province Cricket Association suspended Langa Cricket Club from participating in 2021/22 fixtures following false allegations of poor club governance from disgruntled former club members who no longer participate in the active development but only wish to serve the community club if they are able to maintain personal gain. 

Like every other organization, as Langa Cricket Club we acknowledge the need to improve our performance and governance. With that said, we have started implementing a robust strategy to better management through the development of focused initiatives that speak to equal opportunities and an inclusive workmanship. The strategy is being implemented by groups and individuals who have been vehemently fighting positive change within our community, which has resulted in the overdue change the club needs for a fresh start. 

Please sign this petition to help us ask the Western Province Cricket Association to:

  • Lift the suspension following the robust change to the governance strategy that has improved performance
  • To urgently allow playing members of the Langa Cricket Club to return to games and compete with other clubs

The development and unity of young people in Langa through sports is important. It leads to community development and decreased participation of young people in criminal activities. Help us turn this around!


This petition made change with 3,597 supporters!

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