Anaheim, CA- Immediate Discount on Rent for Monte Verde Apartments

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With the onset of COVID-19, many thousands of workers are still on unemployment due to the closures relating to the pandemic.  Theme parks, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and other destination type venues have been hit the hardest and many of us are still wondering and stressing how we are going to be able to pay rent.  As the government takes a vacation without passing another COVID Relief Bill, they leave hard working Americans depending only on unemployment and struggling to pay bills.  

For three months the tenants at Monte Verde Apartments were given a 5% discount, only because our amenities were closed.  Now we are asked to pay our full amount of rent when we are making a significantly less amount of money.

I am proposing that Western National Property Management give the tenants at Monte Verde Apartments a 25% discount on rent until the threat of COVID has been eradicated and we can return to work.  It is simply unAmerican to live in fear of not being able to pay rent, or buy food, or pay medical bills during a global pandemic that has been exacerbated by the inaction of our leaders.  

I am calling on the following Leadership Team Members of the Western National Group to step up and help the struggling tenants of the Monte Verde Apartments:

Michael K. Hayde, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Office of Western National Group.  

Cyndy Breit, Senior Vice President of Western National Group.  

Rex F. Delong, President of Western National Properties.  

Laura A. Khouri, President of Western National Property Management.