Janita Thurston’s #Right2Refuse torture & animal cruelty


Janita Thurston’s #Right2Refuse torture & animal cruelty

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Janita Thurston is well-aware of the devastating effects that forced psychiatric drugs have on her life, and yet she is being denied her autonomy, said not to have the capacity to understand the perpetrating psychiatrists’ point-of-view. Why should she understand and be obedient to perpetrators? She has been fully aware since psychiatrists first harmed her while she was still in secondary school, that psychiatrists were harming her and they are. Since 2002, various psychiatrists have tested out their products on her, naming the harms of the neurotoxins they forced on her as ‘a disease’ instead of recognising what psychiatrists know is one of the many horrible effects of neuroleptics.

Janita Thurston has been asking for 18 years, for the right to refuse psychiatrists torturous products, procedures, programs… yet has been continuously used by psychiatrists for various disgusting cruel human research studies.
This is likely to be the current research Janita Thurston is being used for, without permission, without her knowledge –
2016-2020 Project Grant; $626,179
National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRMC), Australia: 1102628
Morgan, V., McGrath, J., Galletly, C., Harvey, C., Castle, D., Cohen, M., Jablensky, A., Carr, V., Neil, A., Wattereus, A
Title: “An empirical framework for assessing mortality and morbidity in people with psychotic disorders: 7-year prospective and 10-year retrospective follow-up of 2075 participants in the Survey of High Impact Psychosis (SHIP) using linked registers”

What can a person do to escape a violent cruel regime such as forced psychiatry is? Victims of psychiatrists are not even permitted the right to self-defence.

If the history and current violations of psychiatrists on Janita Thurston were made into a movie – you would truly recognise her as the heroic protagonist, against the vile, cruel government legislated regime that is the mental health system in South Australia.

Janita advocates on behalf of animals and wants the right to boycott animal cruelty
Janita is aware of the horrific animal cruelty that pharmaceutical companies inflict on those animals they test these products on. Janita wants the right to refuse these products on that basis, and the basis of her right as a vegan, as well as reasons of her own right to life, right to health, and right to freedom from torture.

Adverse effects of forced psychiatric drugs
The torturous effects of the injection that is forced into her fortnightly, Flupenthixol Decanoate: including akathisia, significant weight gain and anhedonia… (TGA reported has been filed TGA AE Reference: AU-TGA-0000490112).
This drug is causing Janita akathisia, it should be discontinued!

The drug also is an antiemetic, meaning that it stops a person from vomiting, and that’s dangerous masking of allergic effects (of products or foods that need to be avoided) or bodily sickness that needs recuperation from whatever is causing that.

This forced neuroleptic is stopping Janita from earning a good living!
Flupentixol product maker, Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals warns, about engaging in activities such as ‘driving a car or operating machinery.’

How is Janita supposed to live her life? Earn money? Travel? when the skills she could easily have for driving and operating machinery are disabled by this forced neurotoxin!

Janita’s right to pleasure, a love-life, and her own family are being destroyed by forced psychiatry
Not only is Flupentixol blocking dopermine receptors causing Janita anhedonia, not allowing her to feel the pleasure. This drug also has effects on fertility and sexual function, ‘In humans, adverse events such as hyperprolactinaemia, galactorrhoea, amenorrhoea, libido decreased, female orgasmic disorder, vulvovaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation failure have been reported (see Adverse Effects). These events may have a negative impact on female and/or male sexual function and fertility. If clinical significant hyperprolactinaemia, galactorrhoea, amenorrhoea or sexual dysfunctions occur, a dose reduction (if possible) or discontinuation should be considered.’

The makers of this product also warn of serious reproductive toxicity. 

Janita’s right to refuse psychiatrists is denied
Janita has asked and asked for this drug to be discontinued. How is it, with all these horrific effects what psychiatrists are doing to Janita can ever be said to be in her ‘best interests’, or ‘least restrictive’? What Dr Edward Foo, and his coterie of supervising and researching psychiatrists, and other Mental Health Personnel are doing to Janita Thurston is destroying her life, and have been for a number of years with various drug testing on Janita, so that they can profit from the exploitation of her, same as they do with laboratory animals.

This is not something to be desensitised to. To look at research and see that a psychiatrists' aim is to be as ‘Desensitised as possible’ to sudden death from Flupentixol Injection, is just not okay, it's disgusting, especially since half of the deaths in Australia last year were people who were on psychiatric drugs, and it makes sense to recognise that when these drugs cause damage to bodily organs, and such horrific effects that make life not worth living... that it is those pushing those drugs into people that are responsible for those deaths.

Forced psychiatry is torture

The kind of coercive control that psychiatrists inflict, is so invasive, so cruel, that the UN Special Rapporteur names it torture.

Torture, that’s what the psychiatrists of Western Community Mental Health Centre, and The SA Department of Health and Wellbeing are doing to Janita Thurston, and torture is unlawful and utterly disgusting for a democracy to legislate. And is an offense under Australia’s Federal Crimes Legislation Amendment (Torture Prohibition and Death Penalty Abolition) Act 2010.

What psychiatrists are doing to Janita, is also a violation of the UN CRPD, that the South Australian Mental Health Act clearly says that psychiatrists treatment must follow:
7—Guiding principles
(1) The Minister, the Tribunal, the Chief Psychiatrist, health professionals and other persons and bodies involved in the administration of this Act are to be guided by the following principles in the performance of their functions:
… (ac) mental health services should (subject to this Act or any other Act) be provided in accordance with international treaties and agreements to which Australia is a signatory;

The UN CRPD that Australia has signed and ratified doesn't allow for forced psychiatry. This covenant forbids such unlawful actions that involve forced drugging with neuroleptics, that Janita Thurston is having inflicted on her.

For South Australia to legislate this torture, is not a lawful legislation sanction, it is a vile misuse of emergency powers. To call an organisation that inflicts such torture ‘the department of health and wellbeing’ – another insult to the physical realities, and gaslighting of her world.

Extortion of obedience to torturing psychiatrists, by forcibly injecting Flupenthixol, and researching how long that takes to make a person buckle into agreeing to their own torture, and how long that can be maintained. Breaking resistance, and forcing compliance – (that is the subject of much forced human experimentation that psychiatrists inflict).

Janita resists that extortion, then is medicalised because she won’t agree that torture is good for her and that the ugly DSM slur they place on her is meaningful.

When a drug shuts down and confuses a person’s central nervous system, causes bodily damage to organs – other drugs, processes, and procedures are then put forth, or forced on the victim, by psychiatrists. As this harm of the drug is then given another a vicious DSM slur, which the SA government subjects to a forced order. And when a forced psychdrug causes akathisia, or Tardive Dyskinesia – Parkinsonian drugs are trialled… this is vile lucrative torturous exploitation.

Research that involves compliance or morbidity monitoring, and testing secondary drugs and procedures for what the forced neuroleptics caused, is where victims of psychiatrists agree to drug and monitoring trials because they have little choice. Janita has not agreed to this. Janita doesn’t want forced psychiatry, she should have the right to refuse psychiatrists and their torturous drugs, procedures, programs and their bloody beds.

Political oppression
What Dr Edward Foo & coterie are doing to Janita Thurston, when they deny her the right to criticise and refuse psychiatry, is also a violation of the South Australian Mental Health Act, Schedule 1 (a) and (e).

Janita Thurston is a member of the Abolish Psychiatry Party of Australia.
And to force people to adhere to the rhetoric of the Mental Health Party of Australia or any other political party that is corrupted by pharmaceutical and medical guild donations, when that goes against her political belief, and allegiance, and to medicalise a person on that basis is unlawful under the SA MH Act.

Janita Thurston has had her mental capacity denied BECAUSE she speaks the truth about what psychiatrists are doing to her:
‘Compulsion for treatment under a CTO2 in itself creates harm’ – says Janita Thurston. IT DOES:
- Neuroleptics depress, shut-down and disable a person’s abilities.
- Neuroleptics cause such pain that make life unbearable.

Psychiatrists violations ARE ‘primarily for the convenience of others’ as Janita Thurston says. And this is a violation of the SA Mental Health Act. Part 2.7 – Guiding Principles (g) & (h)
(g) medication should be used only for therapeutic purposes or safety reasons and not as a punishment or for the convenience of others;
(h) restrictive practices should be used only as a last resort for safety reasons and not as a punishment or for the convenience of others;

Janita Thurston has every right to be antipsychiatry, to hold her own political view, speak those political view, and boycott products that go against those politics. She also has a right as one of many victims of psychiatrists, who speak out against psychiatrists, and have done so ever since the first psychiatrist inflicted cruelties on a person. Victims-blaming, and silencing of people who are being exploited is very common to regimes of lucrative cruelty, such as forced psychiatry is.

Janita won’t be broken under torture, won’t be obedient to those who violate her – and that’s a testimony to her courage as a human-being, a woman who stands up for her rights and the rights of others.

For Janita to fully be able to support the freedom of millions of Australians, she needs to be free from the forced psychiatry. The use legislation to force her into a psychiatrist’s bed, where she is then stripped and penetrated, injected with neurotoxins that torture her – cause physical pain and mental anguish, diminish physical and mental capacities, and are designed to disrupt profoundly her senses and personality… MUST STOP. It is TORTURE and a disgusting violation of civil and political rights.


This petition made change with 118 supporters!

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