WA Government must hurry with ex-gratia advance payment to Denishar

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11 year old Denishar Woods was shocked by 240 volts of electricity when she tried to turn off a garden tap at her Department of Housing home in a northern Perth suburb. Her tragic story and her fight for life is known nationwide. 

What happened to Denishar should never have happened. What her family are going through, no matter how solid and stalwart they remain, no family should be going through.



The Western Australian Government has an ex-gratia application before them for an advance payment on the millions of dollars in compensation required to care for Denishar lifelong. 

There must be no further delays for this young single parent family. Their father passed away last year. The advance payment can relieve some of the pressure on the family, on Denishar's young siblings, on the mum and importantly afford  Denishar every care.

Moral propriety rests with the State Government.

Denishar, 11 years old will live deprivations, she will never enjoy a normal childhood. She needs care 24/7.

We, the National Indigenous Critical Response Service, have been supporting the family however the context of Denishar's needs, the family's needs, can only be provided by the responsible party, the State Government. The ex-gratia payment should be hurried up and furthermore the total compensation should be settled outside of court. Why? Because it's the right thing to do.

The young family lives the situational trauma of what tragically happened to Denishar but a constancy of compounding traumas can be avoided by the State Government hurrying up the ex-gratia payment.